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 Ending The Beginning.

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PostSubject: Ending The Beginning.   Ending The Beginning. Icon_minitime03/02/15, 01:37 pm

He sat, in front of the screens, set up just for this moment, and for the next phase of his plans. For the rest of his life he would probably be in front of these screens. He would probably die in front of them. He hit a small button on his fairly large set up of keyboards and buttons. The screens went from black to images, videos of what seemed to be inside multiple .sStat Corp. facilities. He then hit the button next to it, in the videos which were live, every window seemed to close all the metal shutters, the doors green key pads went red, locking. Everyone seemed confused, when the intercom kicked on, in every facility.

 "The darkest side of my body has been brought even deeper into the pit of my everlasting hatred for this world. Nothing can suffice the thoughts in my corrupt fragile mind. I'm never going to live past the age of 50. I doubt I'll make it to that at this point, ending this will be hard to ever cover up. So it won't be covered up, too many will die, the world will have to know, once and for all.. Ending .sStat Corp. will be my final nail into a sin filled, killing deceiver's coffin. The question you're probably all asking yourselves is, "has he always been like this?" this lovely, anger filled human being known as Kado Omeracu. The answer is no, I was once David. A young, loving boy. What changed me? You see, there was this little place I stayed when I was young, few know but I was an orphan, I was brought up in a shitty, dirty, grotesque of a place, you couldn't even call it a home. That's why I burned it to the ground, no my corrupt mind hadn't started yet. I made sure everyone got out, I didn't hate the human race yet."

 He sat back in his chair, he was looking at the videos, people seemed to be listening, a few were panicking. He didn't feel bad for them, not yet, they had no idea what was in store. "I had made it from Florida to Illinois, around that time I was about 12, the six years leading up to that were, hell. I ate what I found, lived in ally's, avoided getting caught, kids can't just be wandering around. Entering Chicago, I had made a friend, it was a little animal, a pup, a small Beagle, he had started to follow me around and we quickly became close. I named him, Omar.. December 14th, winter."

 He struck his lighter, the engraved S on the side of it shined from the overhead lights. He lit a Marlboro Black cigarette that he had placed in his lips and inhaled it. He let it out and continued his monologue. "It was the coldest I had ever been, being from a beach state. I was in a small building beside a railroad, there were holes in the roof so the snow was getting in. I had attempted a fire but the wood was too wet I sat and tried for an hour to get that wood started. I had found an old cigarette and lit it with a lighter I had stolen from a store that morning, placing it in a small shredded pile of papers in a small hut of sticks. It wouldn't light. I hadn't eaten in about four days, Omar hadn't eaten longer, we were huddled up together, I looked at my friend, and noticed that he had something behind him. It seemed to be a railway spike from the rails outside."

 He took another inhale of his cigarette and sat it in a ashtray beside his closest keyboard. "I looked at my little friend, he was pitiful, I was pitiful, we were going to die that month, there was no doubt about it. More snow was coming in the next few weeks and I had no where to go. I took that railway spike, I did the only logical thing just could think of to save my life. I jammed it into my little friends neck.. He howled, and let out sounds I can never forget. His blood was warm, it felt so nice, having heat on me. I covered myself in it. And, I looked at my lifeless friend and realized, I wasn't going to die. I used him, I ate him. He would have eventually done the same to me if he had to come down to it, it probably wasn't much longer."

 "After I had finished eating, my friend, raw. Those sticks, burst into flames. And that, that is when I realized. This place, this life we are living, is what most of you think hell is. We are living in hell. When we die, depending on how we did in this hell, is how that creative being decides what he does with us next. He seen that I was willing to did whatever I could to survive, and gave me another chance, he seen that I enjoyed hell. That I could do his work. And that's what I've been doing for over ten years in this building. Making weapons, to eradicate humans, all forms of life, on a global scale."

 At this point, people were trying to get out, most weren't worried but  some were. The doors weren't opening and no one knew why, but they were being forced to listen. "I will admit, none if this is personal. It is just business, and I always do my business correctly, and finish it on time. Thank you for being a part of my dream, my inspirations, my life. I will notify the authorities once this is over, you will be found and all have proper burials, payed for. I am now going to give you one minute, to come to terms what is happening, and to understand my intentions. I'm sorry."

He sat back and started a stop watch, it ticked up as he picked up his cigarette. He placed it in his mouth and started to inhale, watching at that minute went up, it was the longest minute of his life. He watched, 50, 51, his cigarette was coming to an end. 52, 53, he looked back at the video, people were banging at the window shutters and doors, he knew they couldn't get out. He made sure of that. 54, 55, he looked back down at it, his ash fell into his lap, he didn't care, he had to time it perfectly. 56, 57, back at the videos, back to the watch. 58, 59, he placed his hand on the button. 1:00.. His cigarette died out, his finger pressed the small button and he stopped the watch, and looked at the screens.

"It's over."

 The people started to go crazy, it was expected, one last attempt at living, at life. One last chance to continue their miserable lives. But, it was hopeless, he watched as they fell over, crawling, dying. He dusted the ash off of his dress pants and placed his cigarette butt in the ashtray. He hit another button on his keyboard, and turned his chair around. The lights kicked off and music kicked on, each screen slowly kicked off, one by one. He pulled out a cigarette placing it in his mouth and lit it. The final screen kicked off, and all that could be heard in his mysterious building and over the intercom that he had not turned off was his music.


War. War never changes.
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Ending The Beginning. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ending The Beginning.   Ending The Beginning. Icon_minitime14/02/15, 02:24 pm

Or so he thought.


"War is the Statesman's game, the Priest's delight, the Lawyer's jest, the hired Assassin's trade."

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"The wild, Cruel beast is not behind the bars of a cage. He is in front of it."
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Ending The Beginning.
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