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 It Only Makes You Stronger

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PostSubject: It Only Makes You Stronger   20/03/15, 10:14 pm

Most people don't know what actually happened on that day. People think it was war, or an accident but it was neither. It was all about one man who who couldn't decide where he wanted to go. He had to pull the entire human race under just to save himself, at least that's what they all thought. They all thought he was losing, that he was about to be caught, when he was standing on that ledge for years. It was caving in around him before any even knew, it was tearing him apart. He decided it was best to start over, without people like him. He wanted to cleanse the world of himself and everyone like him. Without warning, without hesitation, he launched over five-hundred and twenty nuclear missiles across the world, most hitting in the super powered countries. He made sure landed directly around him, he was on the top floor of .sStat Corp. He was Kado Omeracu.

At the time, there was a small city built up around the company, it was becoming it's own nation, and he was its leader. He watched as the bomb came into view, as the alarms went off. The people were going crazy, and he had accepted his death, but he didn't die. I guess the wrong side of Heaven couldn't have him, and the righteous side of hell didn't want him, earth had to keep him. Only his body it seems, his mind was gone, memories of the old world were wiped away with the blast. He died, but the artificial blood used in his body after he received his cybernetics brought him back to life. The amount of radiation was able to bring his artificial blood to a boil during his death. His real blood (which not much was left in the first place) was forced out of him, through his mouth, eyes, and ears, making a puddle around his body. This warded off any looters, he seemed already dead so no one bothered him besides looting his clothes, money and weapons that were noticeable in the room. He was in a coma for over two hundred years and the artificial blood finally got his heart to pump it. Finally, the blood throughout his body, slowly healed him over time.

Finally he awoke, gasping for air and his vision a little blurry. He looked around and he didn't know what was going on. "Where am I?" He thought, "What is this place? What happned?" Then he thought, and it clicked. "Who am I?" He stood and tried to balance himself. It was hard for him, he looked at himself, he had nothing but underwear on. He stepped out of what was left of the room and it seemed he was in the parking garage now, the building collapsed into itself. He stumbled into the the cars, trying to make himself up out of the building. He got to a car, it seemed familiar for some reason, something about it. He was able to open the trunk, and looked around. It seemed to be cleaned out, until he noticed a small crease on the interior. He pulled at it exposing a deep suitcase, he pulled it out and sat it on the edge of the trunk. It seemed to need a combination code of some sorts, a pattern of number.

Suddenly he slid a code in, "5-2-3-6" and it popped open. He was stunned "What the.." He started to pull out the contents, the first item was a smaller case, he sat it to the side. Next was clothes of some sort, it seemed to be a black spandex shirt with a turtleneck. He slid it on, along with a pair of black baggy jeans and black combat boots that he put on. Beneath it was a black trench coat with a pair of black sunglasses on it, he put both on. Then there was a note, it read "Beneath the car, knock twice." He got down and looked beneath it and seen a small piece of tape, he knocked on it twice and something fell, wrapped in a long cloth. He pulled it out from beneath the car and stood it up, letting the cloth fall. It was a sword, a long black Gendaito blade. He wrapped it around himself and then opened the smaller box, it had a Luger pistol with a box of ammo in it and a holster. He slid it on and slid the gun it, and put the ammo in his pocket.

There was a small mirror and a small ID of some sort, along with bagged wet wipes. He picked up the ID, it was a picture of a small red haired teen. The name read David Brickenzen. He then looked into the mirror and realized, it was him. There was dry blood on his face, coming from his mouth, eyes, and ears. He used the wipes to wipe himself down and clean himself up. There was also a small radio in the case, he flipped it on and it started to play music. It seemed to be oldies music from around the mid 40s, before the bombs. He clipped the radio to his coat and started back out. He finally got out of the building looking around and seen the world for the first time. "Holy shit." It was terrible, nothing was fully standing, no one was around. All he could do, was walk.









War. War never changes.
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PostSubject: Re: It Only Makes You Stronger   21/03/15, 12:35 am

Hiroshi wandered for 200 years, searching for the ruins of .sSTAT Corp. It shouldn't have been this hard to find, but travelling on foot from Austin to the Rocky Mountains was a long journey in itself. When the alarm went off on his phone all those years ago Hiroshi made a beeline to his bunker. He stayed in the dark dusty bunker for years. Eventually his body began to starve and die which caused the smart zombie virus to take over.

The smart zombie virus was created by Hiroshi- made to create zombies that were conscious of their actions so they wouldn't attack humans. In a way, to make them the perfect slaves. Slaves that would never tire. When Hiroshi woke up he felt new- reborn.

He travelled along deserted roads, watching from afar as looters fought and killed eachother over petty reasons- clothes, food (since when did he not need food?), weapons... Eventually he found his destination- Colorado. He searched across ruined lands, looking for signs of the company he once worked for.

Eventually he settled living on a water tower, using his binoculars and other itmes stolen from corpses to survey the landscape. Then he saw it. Kado, walking along like nothing ever happenend. Wait a minute...

This man had caused the world to restart, so to say. Why did he look like he was just another person? With nothing to connect him to the new world? Hiroshi climbed down the ladder as fast as he could, nearly falling.

When his feet safely landed on ground he ran to Kado. Half of him wanted to hug the first familiar person he had seen in many many years; the other half of him wanted to shoot the bastard that destroyed the Earth.

"KADO!!!" The man yelled as he ran to the familiar face. "Kado-san! I've been looking for you forever!!" He reached the man and stared at him, unable to believe how this day had turned out.

(gonna add pics of his outfit later Razz kinda drunk so forgive mistakes)


Like a Star @ heaven |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Like a Star @ heaven

Like a Star @ heaven |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Like a Star @ heaven
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It Only Makes You Stronger
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