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 Dark Times

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PostSubject: Dark Times   Dark Times Icon_minitime20/01/16, 08:24 am

He sat in his office, Beethoven's Für Elise calming playing through his computers speakers. He had a pen in hand and was tapping against his oak wood desk. He had a white coffee cup full of the same pen, a twist pen with a ball point that read '.sStat Corp.' on them. He signed his signature and didn't know what else to write down. He felt he couldn't explain it all, he felt he couldn't actually do it but for his vision to come to reality, it had to be done.  He had to get rid of the problem.

He was writing a letter of termination. It's what employees of the company received when they were being fired essentially. He didn't know who to address it to, he didn't know which would be proper, which alias was okay to use, so he chose the one he said the most out of the time they have been together. The one he had used since their friendship had began. He decided to use the one, he would accept the most, the one he knew he could read, and know it came straight from him. "To my partner, my friend; to Salem."

After everything they had been through together, he wished it wouldn't have to come down to this. But there was no other way, he was trying to interfere with his company, his company.. That was what it was right? It was left to him, he made it what it was. Others helped but it was his, he allowed them to help. No one would be here if it wasn't for him.

He sighed, he didn't like thinking as he had been. His mind started to go to darker, more hellish places. But he was following his role models words, "Cleanse the world" it was the one thing he wanted him to do. But with others giving their opinions it was hard to follow that phrase. So he had to get rid of the problems. Starting with his partner.

He seemed normal from looking at him. The usual blue suit with a black dress shirt below it, his hair a red mess. His glasses firmly placed on his blue eyes. Blue dress pants and black dress shoes. A lab coat over it all. Beethoven had just ended, leading into a soft slow build to Billie Holiday's 'God Bless The Child.'

He sighed as he sealed the letter and sat back in his chair. He would want to deliver it himself. He knew that was the only way for him to be okay with it. What was he saying? He wasn't going to be okay with it, it was going to crush him, fill him with sadness, or anger. He didn't know yet. All he knew is some won't agree with the decision, there's people here who look up to him just as some do Kado, it was going to tear some of them away from his work but he would be able to accept it. It wouldn't hurt the company overall, just his popularity. He sighed once again and stood, he was going to do it now, it was the best time. In his workshop,  so others wouldn't hear. That was the plan anyway. Who knew what would happen once he read this letter.


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PostSubject: Re: Dark Times   Dark Times Icon_minitime20/01/16, 11:10 am

Salem was in his personal lab working on another one of his many projects. There were numerous papers and genetic blueprints spread across the huge table in front of him, some nearly falling over onto the floor, others covered with rings of coffee.

His physical appearance was that of a mad scientist; his thick black hair untamed and sticking out in odd directions, black circles under his sleep deprived yet wildly awake eyes. He was wearing an ink stained lab coat over his black polo shirt and dark grey jeans. Despite the dress code he didn't always wear his much loved designer suits.

He leaned over the table and scrawled down some notes before turning to make sure nobody had entered the room. Salem got up and went to the supply cabinet taking out a few rare samples and shoved them into his messenger bag. There were cameras, but Salem had a friendship with the camera technician that was on duty. The technician would always remove the tape and shut down the camera when he was working, allowing Salem to amass quite the collection of lab equipment and chemicals at his home.

The young man yawned, his lack of sleep getting to him. But he needed to finish this project. Maybe it would allow him to finally convince Kado to see things his way. Salem went over to a counter that had petri dishes covering it. He picked one up and went to his microscope to check on the sample.

"Yes! Nearly there..." He couldn't contain his smile. This was going to be his greatest work yet! There was a knock at the door, "Come in," he called out, turning to face the door.


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Dark Times
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