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 Year 2037

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PostSubject: Year 2037   Year 2037 Icon_minitime24/07/17, 11:54 pm

17 years after the sStat corp. president Kado Omeracu nuked the planet. Everything has changed. But what If there was a way to change that?

Where are you right now, somewhere warm, safe.... Next to someone you love? Now what if all that was gone, and the only thing you could do is survive. You would right? You'd try. You'd do things... horrible things. Until you lose that one thing you have left. Yourself. But what if you could take it back, all of it. A reset switch. You'd hit it right? You'd have too.

Location: Hy-Brasil - a phantom island said to lie in the Atlantic Ocean west of Ireland. Irish myths described it as cloaked in mist except for one day every seven years, when it became visible but still could not be reached

  The old church walls begin to crumble as the sound of missiles could be heard in the distance. Its dark and dreary inside and the pews are covered in cob webs, dust, and rubble. Diegato carried a young girls lifeless corps to the fallen podium at the head of the building. "It's never going to stop... this world is forsaken". He took a knee as he sat the girls body on the edge of the stage while speaking an ancient prayer from Montravelli in an unknown language. It could be translated as "May your soul find its way through the cosmos to begin anew, through enlightenment and darkness alike, rest easy child." He covered her with a white clothe as burgundy stains immediately bled through it. A disgusted look ran across his face as he turned away from the girl and stood up. There has been talk of an uprising. Scientists and strong militias have combined forces to try to solve the problems that current mankind faces. Low population, lack of food, water, and supplies, damaged ecosystems, water and air contamination, radiation zones, etc...
Nobody knows how big any new organization is, much less the militias or underground scientific communities involved. Its almost like a modern age fairytale. It won't be easy to find, militias in these dark times are harder to infiltrate. Everyone is an outsider to everyone it seems. But if there is such groups forming to try to bring peace and rebuild the world, it has to be helped. There is no other choice. No other reason to live. Nobody could have imagined the destruction the nuclear strikes could have left. That is until it was too late. The world has been slowly dying... and there isn't much time left.    

   The sun beamed through the front of the fallen church doors as he made his way to them. With all of this on his mind, he wondered if it could be true. Everything has fallen, governments, every nations militaries... There was only the world now, as a whole. Diegato prepared his equipment thoroughly before raising his face mask and lowering his hood. He disappeared out of the church.

Location:  Elysian Fields - The final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous

   Two warriors walked the ancient graveyard. A man named Cadby and a woman named Melaina.

(Story more than a rp in the making, its gonna be long and if you'd like to add to it just post in replys and ill make changes to this post accordingly, if you'd like to add your character to it by all means, it just might be better to do in chapters. If thats the case I'll go back and add chapter 1 with a title in the beginning of this. As of now its just an idea with no real story substance, just a plot. 20 years give or take (17 atm) after kado nuked the world a group forms and creates a way to go back in time to save the world (still unknown of how I wanna make it happen) as far as anything else, make it dark, gritty, real post apocalyptic.)

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PostSubject: Re: Year 2037   Year 2037 Icon_minitime22/08/17, 09:02 am

I want more pls. Make more xD You can easily make this work, with a little inspiration. I believe.


War. War never changes.
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Year 2037
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