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PostSubject: Wanderlust   Wanderlust Icon_minitime02/10/17, 09:27 pm

It wasn't like him, he didn't like waking up late into the day. It was 5 PM, and the only reason he even woke up was his phone was going crazy due to no one hearing from him in over a week. He always followed his schedule, he never was lead astray from what mattered to him. Which everyone knows is his company, but this new discovery of, emptiness being forgotten, the million of thoughts going through his head just slowing for a while. He had discovered drugs, pills, alcohol, he had fallen in love. People would know him for his heavy drinking, he would often drink in his office, a small glass of Whisky or Cognac. Depended on his mood. The pill addiction? Wouldn't be discovered until until his death.

Kado was never the type to go out and party or go to major sociable events. He didn't care, he didn't give a shit about interacting with humanity, he was always invited to go out for drinks or the movies or some type of home party. "Why go?" he always told himself, "No one wanted to be around me when my name wasn't attached to President." He dealt with a lack of confidence, growing up alone truthfully effected him deep in his psyche but, he never talked about it, he felt he was always too intelligent to go to a therapist, what could they tell him that he didn't know? "I'm a self made genius, I'm better than Charles Darwin, he discovered evolution, I'm going to reanimate it." He practically controlled the world with money, everything he did was covered by the United States government. He was practically a God in his own mind.

With all this deep into his mind, constantly thinking, constantly wondering about his schedules, always trying to find easier ways to do something already so simple. Never sleeping, never stopping. Luckily he had Azoth, his assistant. He was a dark-brownish complected fellow, with medium length light snow white hair often pulled into some sort of short pony tail. His eyes were as yellow as a gold bars shining in the florescent lights on a bank ceiling. He was usually always by his side, he knew everything Kado knew. He planned the days out for Kado, he scheduled him, made the calls, makes sure he gets where he needs to be, the only time he has days off, is when Kado has a day off, which isn't often. He had always been okay with it, he enjoyed working for him, he looked up to him not as a father but more of an older brother even though he was two years older but Kado was taller and to him, more wise. He thought the world of Kado, he asked for his advice more times than either of them can count. They were friends.

Kado hadn't taken had a good day off in over three months, he slept at the office at times. He enjoyed what he did so why stop? Azoth had different ideas, he wanted to get Kado out of the office, force him into a different limelight, the night life. Kado had promised Azoth that he would go out wherever he wanted if they could finish their study on how mice react to cheese contaminated with a prototype bio-toxin. To Kados surprise, they finished it early. Which meant, he had to go through with his little get together. Was Kado nervous? Of course, he hated crowds, he disliked being around others for a long period of time, but he couldn't back out now. He was staring at the building from the passenger seat of Azoths compact car. Bright with flashing neon lights, you could already hear the bass like a heart beat and the doors of the car were still closed.

"A Night Club?" Kado looked over at his bright eyed friend

"It's why I said dress like it's summer" he said shrugging his frail shoulders

"We both know I always wear the same thing when am I not in-"

"A suit, yes I know "Azoth interrupted "But tonight is different."

Azoth looked at his friend and thought for a moment. He snapped his fingers and smiled

"I got it."

Before Kado could answer Azoth was jerking and ripping at his suit

"Dude, what are you doing?!"

Azoth had taken his suit jacket and threw it in the back seat along with the tie, he unbuttoned the top 2 buttons and rolled his Kados dress shirt sleeves, then he removed his belt and untucked the shirt from his dress pants. He ran his fingers through his hair slightly making it more messy and smiled.

"There ya go, now you don't look like the men in black."

Kado blinked and pulled down the passenger sun visor and looked in the small mirror

"Yea, now I look like Magic Mike."

Azoth pushed him and laughed "Get out the car, let's go."

Kado sighed, swallowed his pride and got out the car, him and his new acquired friend  started towards the doors of the club, the closer he got, the closer his heart beat got to the rhythm of the bass. He wasn't uncomfortable yet, just nervous. They stepped into the doors and to Kado, it was like a whole new world that he had to stand back and take in. The colors, the lights, the sounds, the laughter, the music. Azoth grabbed his hand and started to pull him towards the bar.

To Be Continued Wink

[What I feel would be playing in the night club]


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PostSubject: Re: Wanderlust   Wanderlust Icon_minitime02/10/17, 09:59 pm

Looking forward to more!~ Welcome back, President~


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