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 The Fallout Man

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PostSubject: The Fallout Man   21/02/13, 07:52 pm

"Joining the Raiders is never a good idea, it is a last resort thing." I said to the few men that were sitting infront of me, they all looked so interested, it was finally time for me to tell them my story. "I wasn't originally a Raider, I was a slave, and I will tell you from experience, it sucks." Most looked at me like I was lying, some didn't believe me, but sadly, I was telling the truth. I breathed out heavily and continued my story, "It started out when I was caught rummaging through garbage, they pulled me out and aimed their lever action shotguns at me." I smiled, and looked at one of the young kids, "I had the look you have right now, I was dazed and confused." I kicked back, put my feet on the table infront of me, and continued with my worthless words.
"I quickly became one of the hardest working slaves they had, I didn't want to die like the rest, I may have not got a lot to eat, but I made do." I quickly heard moving outside, I didn't acknowledge it at all, I just continued, not wanting to make my men nervous. "Ever hear about Fortis Audacia?", a young man, a bit dirty, seemed he just recently finished his first mission, "You mean the slave that became the right hand man of Big Thorn, the Raiders old leader!" I smilled at him "That was me, that's the name the other slaves gave me, it meant brave and courage in Latin. They put a lot of faith in me, when I became the right hand man, I made sure to give those slaves a better life." I leaned back up, moved my legs from the table while my knee popped, it didn't really hurt, even for my old body. "When I first got into the raiders, you all know the first mission, you must kill your first human being. I wasn't a killer, and this name gave you your nickname forever, so you wanted to make something of it." I coughed, wiped away the spit and slober from my mouth and continued. "Then I met a girl, she became my wife, I loved her, but, it didn't end well, the Steel got to us." I slowly looked down, remembering the time I had with her, then, anger quickly grew inside me "The Steel are the reason were in this shack, the reason all of us died, and the reason I no longer have my wife."
"I got my nickname, it was Clicks, When I had to kill my first person, I forgot to put any ammo in my magazine from where I was so nervous, so when I shot my gun, it just clicked, I was forced to beat the man to death with my gun." I laughed, remembering I actually cared about killing at one point in my life makes it seem unbelievable. "I never actually wanted to kill, it was just our job, we needed food, ammo, and clothes, so, I quickly stopped caring, once I realized if I cared, I'd go hungry." I looked at the three fridges we had, I knew they were stocked with food, because I stopped caring a long time ago. "If you put in the effort I had, you will never go hungry, you all remember that, right now, put it deep insdie your guts, because if you forget, that will be the only thing you eat for a long time." I stood, sitting was getting to my back, I picked up a thing of Med-X and injected it into my bloodstream, I knew it would help. Taking it made me remember my wife, I knew she got addicted to Jet before she died, I was getting her off of it before the attack.
"Her name was July, her nickname, was Trente, because on her first mission, she killed thirty men, it is thirty in French." I looked into the back of the shack, it was our room, she would never lay beside me again, I would miss it. "We got married by one of the slaved men, he was a preacher before a slave, I asked him personally, and I told him if he married us I would get him out." One of the slave keepers looked at me with a weird look "Did you get him out, or did you lie to the sorry sack?" I smiled softly to the other man "I got him out, I keep my promises, and don't you forget that, ever." I kept remembering her last words, "She told me that we needed to get to cover and while she was talking to me, she was shot in the head, right through the brain, I'll never forget the last look on her face, she couldn't wait to kill those Steelmen." I walked over to the fridge and got out a Atom-Quencher, it was a citrus soda, kind of like what people from the old world called a Sprite.
"The Steel attacked only two months ago today, we don't know when they will be back, but when they came, they came with a vengence." I held my bottle of citrus soda, "I refuse to let you men die like my team did, we will get the Steel, we will win, we will avenge Max, Jim, Ganta, Rick, and definitely Fingers" I quickly chugged the rest of it and slammed the bottle on the ground, and smiled at my men. "We all knew someone who died in that attack." I pointed at one of them close to me, "You, you knew Max 'The Drogger' Dampell." I continued to point at each of them and name their friends and companions, I got them pumped, I knew what was outside our front door. "We'll win, If we aren't Raiders, we're nothing, if we aren't Raiders, we're slaves, if we aren't Raiders, we're dead."
The door quickly burst open, I looked, and I seem the armor, it was steel armor, it was the Steel. I went for my room, my men already had their guns, were punped and ready to die for me, looking down, I quickly grabbed a grenade that was thrown and threw it in the bathroom and slammed the door. I ran into my room and slammed my door, locking it, I quickly started looking for my armor, while putting it on I hear the grenade go off and smile, it could have been me. I got it on, now to find my gun, I grab my Brush Gun and opened my door, I looked out and a fist met my face, I fell to the ground.
"Johnathan, been looking for you for a while, it's hard to track you down." His voice was familiar, it couldn't have been him, I could have sworn I killed him that day during the attack. I opened my eyes and it was him, George 'Steel' Evans, the leader of the Steel, he had me tied to a metal chair, made sure I couldn't get away. My men were dead, my wife, my leader, I knew what was about to happen, and I had to accept it, I was the oldest Raider here, we have been around for over thirty years, it was our time. I accept death, it was my time, being older than seventy and still a Raider, was never my idea of a life, it was my time. I was a selish war machine, how could I ever share this life with someone else, everyone who knew my life story was dead, so it was now time for the story itself to die.


War. War never changes.
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PostSubject: Re: The Fallout Man   28/02/13, 12:24 am

. . . . . . .

That ending... Tears were shed. Fucking. Amazing.

On the subject of Fallout: Three Dog's voice actor tweeted that Three Dog may make an appearance in the next Fallout! Very Happy Or maybe he said he def. will. :3


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The Fallout Man
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